Pit Bull Terrier

People normally assume that Pit Bulls are rough and harsh dogs but they are very friendly and intelligent. Pit Bull Terriers are actually great dogs for families and are gentle with children. These dogs are extremely obedient with the correct training and make great guard dogs. Pit Bulls are great with people but they don’t… Continue reading Pit Bull Terrier


Boxers are medium sized dogs and have short hair. Boxers are very energetic and bright dogs. They are very good in families with kids and are kind towards strangers. These dogs are very active and require a lot of exercise and playtime. Boxers are normally the color of fawn and brindle, but sometimes come in… Continue reading Boxer

German Shepherd

German Shepherds make great guard dogs and are very loyal. German Shepherds are a very popular breed in the United States. They guide and work for the handicap and serve as police and military dogs as well. German Shepherds are very hard working and intelligent dogs and excel in mostly anything they are trained in.… Continue reading German Shepherd


The Cockapoo is the first of the “designer dog” going back to the 1960s. Cockapoos are mixed dogs. These dogs can easily adapt to living in a small home or apartment because of their small size. Cockapoos are extremely friendly towards other dogs, strangers, and children making them a good fit for any loving family.… Continue reading Cockapoo